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Hydraulic system maintenance (2)

2021-01-30 11:45:44

2. Combining active maintenance with regular maintenance to complement each other.



At present, the hydraulic system of engineering machinery is equipped with intelligent device, which can be used to monitor some hidden warning functions of the hydraulic system, but it is mainly used to monitor key parameters.Therefore, the inspection and maintenance of the hydraulic system should combine the monitoring results of intelligent devices with regular inspection and maintenance.Active maintenance can save a lot of work, improve the reliability and life of the equipment, and supplement with appropriate regular maintenance, which can better ensure that the hydraulic system is in a good working condition and equipment status.

Status monitoring and active maintenance are the future direction of hydraulic equipment maintenance. For the key parameters such as particle pollution, water pollution and temperature of hydraulic oil, on-line real-time monitoring should be carried out to prevent accidents and serious damage to the life of the equipment.If the key parameters are found to be abnormal, stop the machine for repair at any time and troubleshoot according to the alarm parameters.Before serious problems occur, finding and solving problems in time during the early warning phase is the key to active maintenance and a high cost-effective solution.Regular maintenance is a necessary means to ensure the condition of hydraulic equipment.Attachments on filter filters, such as excessive metal powder, often indicate worn pumps or cylinder cylinders.For this reason, it is necessary to confirm the diagnosis and take appropriate measures before power-on.If the filter is damaged or dirt accumulates, replace it in time and replace the hydraulic oil if necessary.After 500 hours of operation of the construction machinery, the filter cartridge should generally be replaced regardless of the condition of the filter cartridge, because it is difficult to detect the minor damage of the filter cartridge with the naked eye, and the filter cartridge should also be replaced properly in advance if the high temperature operation is prolonged.

Clean the filter, clean the hydraulic tank, replace the filter cartridge and the hydraulic oil after long-term use of the equipment, and change the oil time in long-term high temperature operation in advance.It is most economical to guide oil change by oil quality test analysis, but pay attention to the extended use of hydraulic oil, which should be tested every 100 hours to detect and replace deteriorated hydraulic oil in time.

After approaching the service life of the original parts of the engineering machinery, the hydraulic system of the engineering machinery at this time needs to be detected by professional personnel for necessary adjustment and maintenance.According to practice, the imported hydraulic pump and motor must be overhauled after 10,000 hours of operation. Otherwise, the hydraulic pump and motor may be damaged due to disrepair, which will cause fatal damage to the hydraulic system.

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