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How should the excavator hydraulic pipe be maintained?

2021-01-30 11:39:39


Hydraulic pipes are the more delicate parts of the excavator, and a set of original hydraulic pipes costs a lot.

To prolong the service life of the hydraulic pipe, the main thing is that the driver should work softly and do not do high-intensity and high-risk actions. In addition, the proper maintenance method also largely affects the service life of the hydraulic pipe.


1. Always use a protective ring

Both the gear pump and the plunger pump have oil pulsation when they are working. This pulsation causes high frequency vibration of the hydraulic pipe, which cannot be completely eliminated.So the hydraulic pipe has a special protective ring on the outside, the tube at the root of the arm (plastic sleeve) and the tube at the small arm (steel sleeve), which is very useful.

2. Do not rub

Some excavators have their own hydraulic pipes that are not of the right length and can easily interfere with the friction or bending of the arms.Interference friction wears away the outer wall of the hydraulic tube, causing local thinning of the outer wall, which is prone to explosion under high pressure.The bending of the hydraulic pipe will cause local pressure increase and local temperature increase, which will easily cause the explosion of the hydraulic pipe.

3. Do not touch firewood gasoline

Try not to expose the hydraulic tube to firewood gasoline, although the hydraulic tube is oil resistant.However, the oil and gasoline are corrosive to some extent. Generally, rubber will swell and fluffy colloids when soaked in gasoline and diesel for a long time.

4. butter the connectors

The central distributor and the walking motor cover must be cleaned regularly and then coated with calcium-based butter as a protective layer. The buckle should also be coated to avoid rust in these areas as much as possible.Especially in coastal areas, they are often exposed to sea wind and water, and corrosion is easy to occur at the bucket.

5. Installation in place

Make sure the pipes are tightened when you install them on the excavator. It is trivial not to tighten and loosen the oil seepage. Vibration can cause trouble if the interface surface is worn out.

6.46 Hydraulic Oil for New Cars

It is recommended that the No. 46 hydraulic oil be used in the new car. Generally, the No. 46 hydraulic oil can be used for excavators to work more than 10,000 hours.

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