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What should I do if there is often abnormal sound in the hydraulic system?(1)

2021-01-30 11:38:11

Old drivers who have been operating excavators for many years may have encountered abnormal noises in the hydraulic system. What is the reason for the noise in the hydraulic system?Today, we analyze the causes and solutions of noise in the hydraulic system from five aspects.



1. Air intrusion

When air enters the hydraulic system, it has a large volume in the low pressure area. When it enters the high pressure area, it is compressed and the volume suddenly decreases. When it enters the low pressure area, the volume suddenly increases. As a result, the volume of the air bubbles suddenly changes, that is, the phenomenon of "explosion", thus generating noise.

Solution: The exhaust system is usually set on the hydraulic cylinder for exhaust.Another common method is to make the executor exhaust several times during a fast full journey after driving.

2. Bad quality of hydraulic pump or motor

The main causes of noise are poor quality of the hydraulic pump, insufficient precision to meet the technical requirements, large fluctuations in pressure and flow, poor oil trapping, poor sealing and poor bearing quality.During use, due to wear and tear of the parts of the hydraulic pump, large gap, insufficient flow, pressure fluctuation is easy, and noise will also be caused.

Terms of settlement:

1) Select a good quality hydraulic pump or motor, in addition to regular maintenance and maintenance, such as gear teeth with low accuracy, should grind gears to meet the requirements of contact surface;

2) If there is oil trapping in the vane pump, the triangle groove of the distribution disc should be corrected to eliminate the oil trapping;

3) If the axial clearance of the hydraulic pump is too large and the oil supply is insufficient, it should be repaired so that the axial clearance is within the allowable range;

4) If the hydraulic pump is not selected correctly, it should be replaced immediately.

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