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Market Status and Trend Analysis of China Hydraulic Industry in 2019 (2)

2021-01-30 11:33:20


4. Enhance the capability of independent research and development, and realize the acceleration of import of high-end hydraulic core components instead of high-end hydraulic components, which are widely used in all kinds of mainframe products and technical equipment in various industries.Due to the late start of hydraulic technology in China and the relatively weak accumulation of technology, there is a certain gap between domestic and foreign enterprises in the accumulation of hydraulic technology and manufacturing experience. The global high-end hydraulic market is almost monopolized by a few hydraulic production enterprises such as Bosch Rexroth and Kawasaki Heavy Industry, which objectively causes the long-term dependence of domestic high-end hydraulic components on import.

The Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for the Professional Development of Hydraulic Industry clearly points out that during the thirteenth five-year period, the average annual increase of hydraulic sales in China is not less than 6%. Over 60% of high-end hydraulic components and systems achieve self-support, which is subject to the gradual alleviation of the situation of human beings. The urgently needed hydraulic components and systems in the equipment industry have been widely popularized and applied.After decades of technological accumulation and technological accumulation, domestic high-quality manufacturers are rapidly maturing, relying on major national projects and key projects, strengthening investment in technology research and development, changing from technology import-oriented to independent innovation-oriented, gradually changing the situation of domestic hydraulic enterprises lacking independent intellectual property rights, welcoming the opportunity of double breakthroughs in technology and market, initially participating in high-end market competition andRealize the strength of import substitution of core equipment.

From 2011 to 2016, with the decline of domestic production and sales of construction machinery and the gradual seizure of market share by domestic leading enterprises, the overall market size of hydraulic components import is declining.Since 2017, the import amount of hydraulic components in China has been slightly increased. Due to the long period of real estate investment growth and the increasing pull of capital investment, the demand for engineering machinery products shows a strong growth trend, and the domestic demand for hydraulic components products is in short supply.In 2018, the import amount of hydraulic components in China was about 16 billion yuan.

The above data and analysis are from the China Hydraulic, Pneumatic Power Machinery and Component Manufacturing Industry Production and Sales Demand and Investment Forecast Report issued by Prospective Industry Research Institute.



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