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Market Status and Trend Analysis of China Hydraulic Industry in 2019 (1)

2021-01-30 11:32:47

1. The global market size of the hydraulic industry is close to 30 billion in 2018

Hydraulic products are applied in a wide range of fields. With the gradual maturation of product technology and production technology, the application of hydraulic products has been expanded, and the global hydraulic industry has entered a relatively stable and mature stage.According to the China Hydraulic Pneumatic Sealing Industry Association, the global market size of the hydraulic industry reached 29.9 billion Euros in 2018.From a global perspective, the demand of China's hydraulic market is growing the fastest and its market position is significantly improved.


  The market size of the hydraulic industry is highly related to the total economy and the level of industrialization of a country. The USA, China, Germany, Japan and Italy are respectively the top five consumers of hydraulic products in the world.As the second largest economy and large manufacturing country in the world, China's hydraulic industry market size accounts for 28% of the world, which is only slightly lower than 34% of the United States, much higher than developed countries such as Japan (6.00%) and Germany (5.58%).

2. China's Hydraulic Industry has entered a relatively stable and mature stage

China's hydraulic industry started in the 1950s. After decades of efforts, the overall technical level of China's hydraulic industry has been greatly improved, which provides a strong support for the stable development of the industry.In order to reduce the impact of the global financial crisis on the domestic economy, the state increased its support for infrastructure construction and other aspects. The total output value of the hydraulic industry increased from 26.9 billion yuan in 2009 to 48.8 billion yuan in 2014, with an annual composite growth rate of 12.65%.Since then, the industry has maintained a steady growth rate, with the total industrial output value of about 55.4 billion yuan in 2017 and 59.4 billion yuan in 2018 in China's hydraulic industry.


3. With the strong support of the national policy for the hydraulic industry, the hydraulic industry has been developing continuously and healthily in recent years. The implementation of China's "Belt and Road" development strategy, national new urbanization construction, railway and urban rail transit planning, social security housing construction and other policies has led to the development of the hydraulic industry and its related industries.At the same time, China has also successively promulgated policies such as the Catalogue of Industrial "Four Bases" Development (2016 edition), the Planning for Standardization and Quality Improvement of Equipment Manufacturing Industry, the 135 Development Plan for Engineering Machinery Industry, and the Guidelines for Accelerating the Promotion of Industrial Base.In order to solve the important problem that high-end hydraulic components depend on import for a long time, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in conjunction with China Engineering Machinery Industry Association and China Hydraulic Pneumatic Seal Industry Association, has organized relevant manufacturers, scientific research institutes and universities to establish a "Collaborative Work Platform for Industrialization and Application of High-Pressure Hydraulic Components and Systems of Engineering Machinery" at the end of 2011, which is dedicated to improvingThe quality of accessories, strengthening test and standard research, make the product reach the performance and reliability level of the same type of imported hydraulic products.

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